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ResumeCats is an online resume builder that lets you create your own resume with extraordinary resume templates. Our purpose is to help everyone who needs to get an edge on job applications. We aim to provide an easy, yet accessible experience for every ResumeCats user.

ResumeCats is a prime resume builder designed to help develop professional looking resumes through our built-in, easy-to-use tool with many templates catered to your needs. Not only do we ensure that our service is the most efficient, we also offer tutorials prepared by our team of experts to provide the knowledge you need to produce a stunning resume.

Our resume builder provides certain aspects on a resume that the job market expects when applying for an employer. We do not want to waste your time by adding unnecessary features that other products offer. Instead, we offer you impressive and clean-cut resume templates that stand out among many other resumes.

You can find our reviews from real ResumeCats users on Trustpilot

Ready to build your own resume? Get started by creating an account and start designing your resume today!

At ResumeCats, we take data protection very seriously. We are GDPR compliant and make sure that we do not sell, share, or give away information given to us by our users. You can also see our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookies Policy here.

Feel free to drop us an email for general enquiries or questions at

Account, plans & subscription

By upgrading to our premium plan, you will have access to our premium templates and will be able to create unlimited resumes!

We accept card payments through Stripe, Paypal, or Worldpay.

We strive to offer you the best tool on the market for high-quality resume building. If you are not content with our service, we offer a 30-day refund policy from time of purchase.

If you do not wish to use ResumeCats for the time being, you are more than welcome to cancel your subscription by logging into your account and clicking on the unsubscribe button in the ‘Subscription’ area of your ‘Profile’. You can also contact us at to cancel your subscription.

Our yearly premium plan saves you two months worth of services ($12!) you would otherwise spend with a monthly premium plan.

Yes! We offer a monthly premium plan for just $6 a month. Simply cancel automatic renewals to try out our service for a month and re-enable them to keep using our services. We'd recommend trying out our yearly premium plan so that you can get 2 months off!

You can delete your account by contacting us at and request deactivation.

You can delete your account information by contacting us at

Go to the login page and click on "I’ve forgotten my password" option. Enter your email address and a link will be sent to that address containing a link to reset your password.

Online Builder & Technical Issues

On the dashboard, click the button at the top of the page called 'Create a resume'. This will redirect you to a list of templates. Select one and start designing your resume.

After selecting your template, you will be redirected to our easy-to-use resume builder. There, you can change the content and customize it to suit your needs with our easy drag and drop interface.

Yes. Our free plan allows you to create two resumes. Also our premium plan gives you the freedom to create unlimited resumes!

On the dashboard, there will be options for existing resumes that you created. Simply click on the ‘delete’ button to remove your resume from your dashboard and our servers.

You can use our template auto filler which extracts key information from an existing resume, saving you the hassle of manually typing your details in a blank template.

In the resume builder sidebar, our box of inputs also include a 'Spacing' box. Drag that into a space between the section to create a white space separating it with another section.

In the resume builder sidebar, there will be boxes with inputs. Select the 'Icon' box, and drag it on a space in your resume. Click on it again to select or filter our list of icons.

The page break will be automatically generated once you reach the bottom of the page.

In the dashboard, click ‘preview resume' from your list of resumes you've created to have a look without having to open it.

You can export your resume in PDF format for the time being.

You can duplicate your resume by simply saving it multiple times with a different name.

Yes, our tool works on mobile and tablet, it is perfect for use on the go.

Yes! Simply highlight over the text you want aligned, our sidebar gives you detailed typography options as well as a ‘Text Align’ option.

Your profile photo is the same as your photo you upload in the autofiller template. You can also add a profile picture on the builder by dragging ‘Image’ box into your resume.

Simply click the undo button on the top right or use the shortcut 'Control+Z' if you accidentally delete something.

You can add custom fields in our drag and drop builder.

Contact us at and we will happily take care of any issues you have. We aim to resolve them as soon as possible.


A resume tends to include your education, work experience, hobbies and interests, as well as references.

A resume should not include irrelevant work experiences, strictly private information about yourself, and statements of self-praise.

What you list on your resume is entirely up to you. It is common practice to list your most recent work experience first, and other jobs relevant to your field.

Ideally, it would be best to fit your resume on a single page, however if you have got a lot of relevant experience, then it is acceptable to have an additional page.